How cats behave under stress

How cats behave under stress

How cats behave under stress

How cats behave under stress

Cat stress performance

The cat’s anxiety can cause him to behave strangely, such as urinating indoors, chewing sweaters, biting and scratching, and even causing extreme tension during grooming and grooming. There are many reasons for cat depression, usually because of disease, pain or fear; or because of certain changes in home life, such as the addition of a baby or a new pet, which will affect him and cause depression; The situation is even worse if the cat loses its owner.

1. Anxious cat

Anxious cats appear nervous, crouching low on the ground, some panting or hair loss, body muscle tension, and dilated pupils. These are the usual symptoms of anxious cats.

2. Cat aggressive behavior

A cat who is usually gentle and kind will suddenly change his temperament, scratching and biting his owner who loves him. There must be his reason for such abnormal performance. It is possible that the cat feels unwell and should be taken to the vet. Sometimes cats will vent out of their boredom, scratch furniture, and bite clothing.

3. Indoor mark the site

Certain changes in daily life, or the addition of a new cat to the house, will bother him and be depressed. In this case, he would shoot urine in the house. The wet place should be cleaned with disinfectant to remove the cat’s odor and prevent him from running back to the old place to shoot urine.

4. Neurosexual behavior

Some cats will be overly picky about their hair when depressed, and they will keep licking and chewing on a certain part without any reason. This condition often leads to dermatitis, eczema and even baldness. In response to this kind of performance of cats, the veterinarian will let him take sedatives to relieve his anxiety and depression.

5. Chewing wool

Certain Oriental cats, especially Siamese and Burmese cats, sometimes particularly like to bite wool sweaters or other knitted clothing. This behavior of returning to the kitten period is also the result of a certain kind of depression.

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